BSW Math
Solution of Ordinary Differential Eqations
This script gives the numirical solution of ODE of second order in the form
A Y''(x)+B Y'(x)+C Y(x)= f(x)
The calculation is carried by LU factorization where A, B and C are constants
You can make a data fitting for the results as a polynomial up to 10th order.
No of intervals =
the coefficient A=
the coefficient B=
the coefficient C=
the RHS f(x)=
Lower limit X0=Its boundary Y0 =
Upper limit Xn=Its boundary Yn =
Data fittingYesNO
Output format :

This is an example for output data in exel of the problem
Uxx+U=x, U(x)=0 at all boundaries and -1 < x < 1